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Church in Marissel, Camille Corot, 1866

Church in Marissel, Camille Corot, 1866

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The church in Marissel is Camille Corot. 55x42

The work was done in the era of creative maturity of the master, when the artist could afford to create in several manners. The artist painted the church in Marissel several times at different times of the day, trying to capture the most expressive light. The impressionists will later use this experience, but in the works of Koro, the momentary and instantaneous sketches of the artists of the next artistic direction are just barely outlined.

In front of the viewer is quite finished, from the point of view of academism, work. It is difficult to understand whether it is a morning landscape or an evening one. The master seemed to leave this riddle to the public, which was delighted with the work when it was exhibited in the salon.

Koro experiments in the style of the Dutch landscape. A small, local church surrounded by a grove. With all the efforts to convey the spring awakening, the work looks static. Human figures are motionless. The author fixes them in order to equalize the dynamics of the spring season and man.

A pond resembling rather a large puddle reflects a colorless cloudy sky. The whole picture looks very compact, which is so characteristic of the Dutch landscape. The tops of the trees support the firmament, and an accurate perspective leads the viewer away to the church, which plays a secondary role in the work.

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