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Brighton Pier, John Constable - description of the painting

Brighton Pier, John Constable - description of the painting

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Brighton Pier - John Constable. 1826-1827

In the artistic work of Constable, Brighton is devoted to many paintings. This artist was famous for his ability to convey not only exact details, but also the general impression, the very spirit of the landscape.

The picture captures part of Brighton's coast with a pier visible in the distance, resembling a suspension bridge. Almost two-thirds of the canvas is occupied by a masterfully depicted cloudy sky. To the left of the viewer in a light misty haze you can see Brighton's houses behind the city promenade.

The sea is worried, so the spiky waves shimmer with color and give off lead. Many small fishing boats hasten to land on the shore to surrender their morning catch and not get caught by the rampaging elements. Some of them are already ashore, people are scurrying around around them, collecting gear. They and the mighty sea are watched by vacationers walking along the shore.

The painting was executed in a manner consistent with the Constable and delicate, sophisticated colors. She unusually lively and freshly conveys the sea landscape. It seems that you can even feel the cool air flowing from the canvas with the aroma of the sea.

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