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Deadham Valley, John Constable - description of the painting

Deadham Valley, John Constable - description of the painting

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Deadham Valley - John Constable. 43.5x34 cm

This picturesque place, the Deadham Valley, was one of the painter's favorite places, a recurring theme of his work, and the very first work on this subject was written in 1802.

Here, the strength of the hand is not yet felt - the Constable is still in its infancy, but the innovativeness and ambitions of the aspiring artist are in person. Before us lies a wide valley covered with vegetation, where bushes are replaced by graceful trees and through the greenery you can distinguish a winding pattern of a thin stream, which leads straight to the bell tower. The author reverently turned to every detail, if only because this is a familiar view from the window of John Constable’s parental home.

His technique is intermittent and energetic, small strokes present us with a landscape, as if protruding from the unsteady morning air, which is only awakening, but already filled with quiet joy.

The composition of the picture is carefully thought out - the review is limited to trees, and the river as if invites the view to follow its course. Meanwhile, the gaze rests on the blue cloudy sky, which takes up most of the work, and only states the fact - none of the English painters knew how to embody the sky so talentedly on canvas.

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