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Shipwreck, William Turner - description of the painting

Shipwreck, William Turner - description of the painting

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Shipwreck - William Turner. 170.5 x 241.5 cm

Very few artists, with all the greatness of their talent, could convey the beauty and tragedy of the open spaces. Among these unique creators are Ivan Aivazovsky and William Turner.

Amazing in its strength and dramatic embodiment, the painting “Shipwreck” was painted by the famous English artist in 1805.

Among the raging waves, bristling with white crests, the ship is in distress. The sea mercilessly throws several boats that took those who managed to escape from a sinking ship. Some people found themselves in the water and seek to climb unreliable rescue boats that seem so fragile against the backdrop of the raging elements.

The entire palette of the picture is focused on dark color - and the alarming sky, and the turbulent water almost merge into their gloomy black incarnation. This only enhances the sense of tragedy and hopelessness of what is happening. Only a thin streak of light near the horizon enlivens this dramatic landscape - as if a storm there had passed long ago and the sea could give long-awaited calm and peace to tormented people.

The painting very accurately conveys the features of the style that Turner has always relied on - this is emotionality, bordering on realism, not devoid of personal author's “arrangement”.

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