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Westminster Abbey and the Knight Procession, Antonio Canaletto

Westminster Abbey and the Knight Procession, Antonio Canaletto

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Westminster Abbey and the Knight Procession - Antonio Canaletto. 1749

This wonderful canvas is a kind of historical chronicle. Thanks to the meticulous accuracy of the image, we can accurately judge what Westminster Abbey looked like during this time period, and also make a complete impression of the pomp of a knightly procession accompanied by the higher clergy of the Anglican Church.

The first thing that catches the eye of a person looking at this picture is the image of the abbey building made with the accuracy of the drawing. The buildings are depicted in simple photographic details, everything is made with the smallest details - from harmonious proportions of structures to lace stone trim.

The procession, which moves in front of the viewer in a smooth arc, is depicted already receding into the distance, we see its last participants. The pure white color of the priests' outfits and their scarlet cloaks are the brightest colors in the picture, which is mainly made in a restrained, almost monochrome palette.

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