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“Failure”, Konstantin Korovin - description of the painting

“Failure”, Konstantin Korovin - description of the painting

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Failure - Konstantin Alekseevich Korovin. 53 x 35 cm

The painting "Failure" refers to the early works of Konstantin Korovin. First of all, this is a sweeping manner of writing, rich colors, a certain conventionality in writing details, as well as a clear departure from the canons of academism, which Korovin considered not just outdated, but inanimate.

When parsing the canvas, I want to distinguish between two elements - the landscape and the person against the background of the landscape. An endless field, stretched to the horizon, is depicted in a sketchy manner in the form of dense dynamic strokes that create an uneven texture. The combination of green and yellow in its rather contrasting, sharp juxtaposition creates in front of the viewer the feeling of a field burned by the scorching sun. The second half of the background is given to the sky. Cloudy heavenly space is almost completely filled with thick clouds of gray clouds. The gloomy mood of the surrounding nature is the best decoration for what happened to the hero of the canvas. The hunter did not hit the target, left with nothing. Korovin masterfully portrayed the confusion of the hunter.

The main character of the canvas is a young man dressed in simple, modest clothes with a small hunting bag on his side. In his left hand he holds a gun, the end of the barrel of which the artist deliberately highlights with a lighter outline. It seems that the gun was about to shoot and has not yet cooled down, although this shot did not reach the desired goal.

Korovin does not need to unfold the unlucky hunter to the spectator - he also from the back subtly and expressively portrayed the hero’s shoes that sensed his feelings: confusion, frustration, confusion. The outlines of his profile give him a simple rural man - a rude face, a small nose, a slightly open mouth. The hero cannot but evoke human sympathy among the contemplator, because it can be assumed how long he walked in his high boots, tracking down prey.

A shot rang out, but not at the target ... And now his hands dropped limply along the body, casually holding a gun, so that a thin strap hangs from it.

In his work, Konstantin Korovin relied on "pure" painting, eschewing academism. If his further searches were aimed mainly at color and technique, then here we can observe “pure” emotions. His hero is simple and simple in the manifestation of feelings. And involuntarily I want to share his failure, putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder ...

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