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“Summer Pastoral”, Francois Boucher - description of the painting

“Summer Pastoral”, Francois Boucher - description of the painting

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Summer Pastoral - Francois Boucher. 197 x 259 cm

The life of Francois Boucher was marked by an upsurge, wildly popular and ... a fall. The fashionable artist was oblivious as soon as the capricious audience was tired of his colorful and whimsical paintings.

The painter worked a lot in the genre of landscape, while he was interested in both urban motifs and rustic scenery. His idyllic paintings will soon be replaced by passionate romantic canvases, pushing Bush into the background, however, he painted the Summer Pastoral picture even when his fame was booming, and a series of orders literally exhausted the fashionable artist.

Boucher painted the landscape after one of his country trips. And you should not look for truthfulness here. Upon arrival, the painter drew a sketch, and after that he already worked in detail in the workshop. At the same time, Bush could well add a bridge, a river, a mill or any other detail to the landscape if he believed that this would make the picture more expressive, well, or if customers requested it.

Before us is a summer picture where you can distinguish features of two genres at once - a landscape and a genre scene. The heroes of the plot were three vacationers. It is difficult to say which social class they can be attributed to. On the one hand, the girls have beautiful magnificent dresses, but they, like common people, bare their legs and look quite loose and cheeky. The young man resembles a cowgirl. He holds a Scottish bagpipe, his clothes are very simple, and his face is feminine.

It can be assumed that two noble ladies far from the prim city went for a walk in the wilderness of the country, picking flowers and weaving wreaths. Taking a walk, they heard the shepherd's melodic music and found his company acceptable - now they are talking nicely, and one of the girls even very bravely leaned against the hero. Some tend to see echoes of the play by Charles Favard in the picture.

Natural scenery abounds in detail. It’s even hard to imagine how the author managed to harmoniously combine everything together. Here, animals (sheep, bull), and some wooden structures, and rich vegetation, and an abundance of flowers, and a lake, and complex textured folds of dresses. Some unloading falls on the sky - an empty surface with clouds balances the abundance of elements in the lower part of the work.

Like all Boucher’s paintings, the landscape is filled with colors, bright accents that give the work a variety of color and richness. The viewer's gaze along the path set by the artist passes from the girl’s bright red skirt to the second heroine’s corset, then to their brightened faces, to the modest young man, and then to the heavenly surface above the heads of the characters. And it seems that you can hear the birds singing, how the air breathes in the heat, and from the lake comes the coolness of salvation.

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