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"Saints Michael and Francis", Juan Flandes - description of the painting

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Saints Michael and Francis - Juan Flandes. 93.7 x 87 cm

Part of the altar of the brush by Juan Flandes depicts two famous Christian heroes - Mikhail, who strikes Satan with a sharp long spear in the form of a dragon snake, and St. Francis of Assisi, who stretched out his palms to the viewer, showing stigmata, signs of the highest spirituality and righteousness.

The author places two images in the painted niches, however, the figure of the archangel goes beyond the boundaries of the space reserved for the hero. In general, the image of Michael is distinguished by sophistication and filigree. Here is tenderness, and psychology, and a portrait look, which was very revolutionary for the time in which the Spanish painter worked.

The special photosensitivity of the artist is noteworthy - the master skillfully highlights certain sections of the picture (Mikhail’s clothes, wings, face), thus placing semantic accents.

Another interesting detail - Flandes first showed the public the landscape, reflected in a concave mirror. Just look at the reflection in the shield. This almost imperceptible element, meanwhile, dilutes and enlivens the canonical plot. Flandes shows us a small piece of a beautiful world with a blue sky and a rich landscape, which was saved from the devil through the efforts of the Archangel Michael.

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