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“Guitar on the table”, Juan Gris - description of the painting

“Guitar on the table”, Juan Gris - description of the painting

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The guitar on the table is Juan Gris. 73 x 92 cm

An excellent artwork was written by the master of the brush Juan Gris! The picture was created in the genre of “synthetic” cubism with oil on canvas. The still life is unusual and picturesque, shining with chords of romance.

On the table are a guitar and sheet music. The usual everyday plot, but if you look closely, you can notice a musical motive, creative wave and openness to the world. The artist has his own riddle in the drawing! The musical instrument as if lies in a volumetric plane on two cubes. The borders of the image are fuzzy, but expressed in a special artistic style. Different colors create some randomness in the details of objects. The surface is embossed, lines are visible that bear the image smoothness and softness of shape. The guitar consists of contours with white and black lines.

Polka dots hang on the edges of the table. An interesting pattern of carpet on the floor. The room where the table with the guitar lying on it is pleasant, clean and comfortable. The owner of the house, in all likelihood, makes music and loves to compose it. The world froze in anticipation of the birth of a beautiful melody!

There is a blue color in the picture. He is bright and natural, brings peace of mind, relaxation, quiet contemplation, suggestive. A guitar, a tablecloth, sheet music, curtains with a carpet lie on the same plane, and the table is a space. All objects are real on their own, forming a separate structure. The picture is intensely colorful, decorative, abstract. The cosmic rhythms of the Universe are felt in it, bearing light and good.

The artwork of Juan Gris is poetic, tender, lyrical. It develops imagination and imagination, stimulates creativity, promotes rest and relaxation, inspires dreams and dreams. The picture will look good in the interior of the living room, bedroom, study. It gives joy, happiness, harmony, bringing people inspiration.

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