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Artist Quentin Massey, paintings and biography

Artist Quentin Massey, paintings and biography

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The painter Quentin Massey was born on September 10, 1466 in the Belgian city of Louvain. He constantly improved himself spiritually and professionally. The artist devoted his whole life to art. His brilliant and brilliant works were very popular in society.

The boy grew up in a peasant family. His father was a blacksmith, his mother was engaged in household chores. In his youth, Quentin was engaged in blacksmithing, helping his father. He really liked this occupation, but in life he chose painting. In childhood, during the illness of the future artist, the monk presented him with wooden figures depicting saints. Quentin was very happy with such a gift! A friend advised him to color the figures in order to get better soon. He was carried away by this and a miracle happened: he showed the ability to draw. The boy loved nature, animals and the world around him. Quentin painted everything he saw at home and outside. He loved silence and solitude.

The young man studied with the artist A. Bouts. In 1491, he joined the Guild of Artists of Antwerp. Here he met interesting creative people, visited various exhibitions, read many books on the topic of art. He had his own art workshop. Maisses painted beautiful landscapes, portraits, everyday and genre scenes, altar paintings. His work knew no bounds!

The brush master performed portraits to order for associations of artists, religious organizations, temples, monasteries and even the Danish king himself. The painting "Madonna and Child" is one of his best works. The composition is filled with warmth, love, kindness and motherhood of the Universe. Fans of the artist's talent idolized this creation.

Quentin was familiar with famous people of his time: artists, poets, musicians. He adored the work of Leonardo de Vinci and A. Durer. Their artwork inspired him. Working with I. Patinir, he experienced moral satisfaction. Colleagues had joint work. The patinir portrayed nature in religious themes. In his landscapes Massey created several elements for the altar composition “The Temptation of St. Antonio”. Talented and gifted, the artist painted portraits of the King of Denmark and the scholar Erasmus of Rotterdam. These works brought him well-deserved success.

It was as if a holy gift had descended on Massey. He so painstakingly, easily and brilliantly painted pictures that they “came to life” right before our eyes. He received particular success in portraiture, conveying the "living", inspired images of people. The artist wrote many religious subjects. Madonna women were one of his favorite topics.

His very first work from an early work is a triptych dedicated to Saint Anne. The altar painting “Mourning of Christ” was recognized as one of the best divine and ingenious creations.

Quentin Masseyz successfully continued the tradition of artist-innovator Jan van Eyck. He felt a spiritual intimacy with the humanists.

With great zeal, the master of the brush worked on grotesque pseudo-portraits reflecting reality and fantasy, and created caricatures. His genre works were moral and moralizing. In his work, he sought to translate the art of synthesis of the Dutch and Italian Renaissance. His son Yang continued the tradition of his father, becoming an artist.

Massey ended his life journey on July 13, 1530. His artwork is world famous.

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