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"Sermon in the village", Vasily G. Perov - description of the painting

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A sermon in the village - Vasily Grigorievich Perov. 69.3 x 59.3 cm

The painter Perov masterly possessed not only the artistic technique of painting, but also was a subtle psychologist who saw all the shortcomings of the hard life of poor people, the arrogance and arrogance of the rich, the duplicity of church servants.

His theme of preaching in the church, written in 1861, when finally the abhorrent serfdom was abolished, becomes socially oriented and with a deep content.

A rural little church on a weekend day, where a clergyman reads a Sunday sermon. He talks about a heavenly paradise awaiting a wealthy landowner, peacefully dozing in the front row. And about the underground hell that will engulf the poor peasant who does not comply with the laws of God.

Confused, the man scratches the back of his head, perhaps reflecting on the injustice of this life. But the landowner has nothing to worry about; he has lands, souls, lands, wealth. Even his dream is guarded by a devoted servant, pushing the pushing parishioner away from the owner.

The young girl is all the more uninterested in spiritual pursuits; she will listen with pleasure to the gentle whispers of the young man than the sermon of a boring priest.

Each hero of the plot eloquently illustrates his qualities - fatigue, neglect, indifference, ignorance, kindness and unbelief.

Perov's ingenious masterpiece is like a mirror reflecting all layers of the Russian population. Moreover, reflecting the very essence, all the ins and outs of the society that had developed by then, rotten and deceitful. Extremely difficult - for the life of a simple people. With impunity and amiable - for wealthy moneybags.

This magnificent work was a diploma for Perov, he received a gold medal from the Academy for it and immediately declared himself as a modern and progressive member of society, as an artist with critical views.

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